PBX Cloud Products

FCT T400

The Burnside T400 series fixed cellular terminals provide professional telephony features within a compact and easy-to-use package.
All models can be used with a standard desk phone (or cordless phone) in locations where wired sockets are not available. 

 OneStream SIP

OneStream SIP represents a new approach in corporate mobile & VoIP convergence.

OneStream SIP is designed to convert outgoing and incoming calls from VoIP to mobile, thus enabling end customers to take advantage of cost savings.

 GSM DoorBell

GSM DoorBell has added unique features which increase efectivity of GSM solution usage. Remote (gate, door) opening by ringing only (free of charge), by SMS or by DTMF code.

Registration of phone numbers which opened the door (gate). The list of numbers including date and time can be sent to a preprogrammed number by SMS message.