GSM & SIP convergence

OneStream SIP represents a new approach
in corporate mobile & VoIP convergence.

OneStream SIP is designed to convert outgoing and
incoming calls from VoIP to mobile, thus enabling end
customers to take advantage of cost savings.

OneStream SIP can be used to intelligently route calls
between these media efficiently and in a scaleable fashion
thereby producing cost effective communication for any
size of business.

Main Features

  • Automatic Failover Routing to allow for networks being Busy or Unavailaible
  • Acts as SIP Client, Registrar and Proxy for maximum flexibilty
  • Locally and Remotely configurable via user-friendly Web Interface
  • Secure DISA (Direct Inward Systems Access) allows a secondary dialtone to be provided for access to the OneStream Routing plan
  • SIM Lock, Phone Lock and Network Lock are all available for added Wireless security
  • Country Specific Customisation
  • Remote Diagnostics and Future-proof Firmware Upgrade Facility



El Mediatrix T-C7 Series es un Media Gateway y un Adaptador de comunicaciones de voz SIP a BRI RDSI para ser usado con el ONESTREAM SIP