Quality and Flexibility

The Mediatrix 4400 Series features BRI gateways that can connect legacy PBX systems to cloud telephony services and IP PBX systems to PSTN landlines.

The Mediatrix 4400 Series allows you to take advantage of the benefits of SIP based systems, while protecting the investment made in the existing telephony equipment.

Interconnects any device to SIP

The Mediatrix 4400 Series links any digital connection to an IP network and delivers a rich feature set for acomprehensive VoIP solution.

PSTN access and legacy PBX system gateway

With configurable NT/TE BRI ports, local call switching, and user-defined call properties (including caller/calling ID), Mediatrix 4400 Series gateways smoothly integrate into legacy PBXs and incumbent PSTN networks.

Highly reliable Fax and Modem Transmissions over IP

With T.38 and clear channel fax and modem pass-through capabilities, the Mediatrix 4400 Series ensures seamless transport of voice and data services over IP networks.

Advanced Mass Management

Our advanced provisioning capabilities deliver remarkable benefits to Mediatrix customers. Mediatrix enables centralised CPE management, a definite advantage to monitor the network, ensure service, and reduce operational costs.