Innovation Management

PROMOTE a culture of continuous improvement and innovation,

FACILITATE the creation of ideas and new concepts.

Our International innovation department help you to develop your ideas, to convert it into real initiatives and market uptake your creations. We count with senior experts in Innovation and Business Management with more than 15 years of experience, including an expert certified in Lego Serious Play.

​In addition , we can help you with technology watch studies, RoadMapping and access to public and private financial aid.

Formación en Innovación

Proporcionamos una formación in-house adaptada a sus necesidades y realizada por expertos de alto nivel con más de 20 años de experiencia en innovación y en proyectos Europeos.

Nuestras sesiones de formación incluyen temas relacionados con la gestión de la innovación y creatividad, con la elaboración de propuestas, la transferencia tecnológica, la gestión de proyectos y asuntos administrativos y financiera.

Nuestras sesiones de formación se pueden proporcionar en inglés, español y portugués.

Global communication systems integration

We specialize in adapting products to the markets in which we operate via the professional  contact made during the past 20 years hand in hand with the product development team of each telecom operator.

When taking into account customer satisfaction values we do not forget after-sales, particularly in key and strategic market equipment as the ones we get involved on.

Once the product has been delivered to our customers postsales processes are critical for customer loyalty, always based on a high level of helpdesk assistance and postsales repairs and maintenance.